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"Where do all the old gays go?" Experiences of the older LGBTQIA+ Community in Ireland | OFFICIAL TRAILER 2022
Lore Films

"Where do all the old gays go?" Experiences of the older LGBTQIA+ Community in Ireland | OFFICIAL TRAILER 2022



This short documentary film provides an intimate exploration of the older LGBTQIA+ community living in Ireland. The contributors speak openly and honestly about what resonates with them, not only from their past but their future.

Life is still happening, although it might look very different now to what it was. This documentary supports and empowers the older LGBTQIA+ community, showing a place of joy, self-esteem and pride. While at the same time respecting how the older community are being treated in society and where, we as a nation could be doing a lot better. "Where do all the old gays go?" was commissioned by Age and Opportunity for Bealtaine Festival. It is currently travelling the festival circuit.

Artist's Statement

When it comes to projects in creative writing, storytelling and films of older people, there is an overly strong emphasis on the past and memories. Older people have more to offer than just their past. It was important to encourage and stimulate them to the present and future. Older people are often spoken for and infantilised by society. To honour our participants, it was important to create a space, where they could just be. It's a naturalistic approach to interviews that focuses on conversing and having a chat, rather than a contrived line of questions and answers. We want to encourage telling stories of the here and now with pride. This a celebratory piece showing love in its purest form, representing all that we can be and our potential. Setting an example and a pathway for their peers, healthcare workers and residencies. 

Director/ Shooter Cathy Dunne

Produced by Maggie Ryan

Interviews by Joanne O'Meara and Sinead O'Loughlin

Additional Camera work by Paudie Baggott

Set design by Paula Enright (Artlife)

Graphic Titles by Louise Kiernan

Awards and Festival Selections 2022-Present

“Where do all the old gays go?” had its Irish Premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh 2022 and stepped away with a Special Mention. Following this, it picked up an Honourable Mention at Indie Cork Film Festival, the jury “ wanted to commend “Where do all the Old Gays Go?” for bringing Irish LGBTQIA+ stories to the screen. The interviews paint a rich portrait of an older queer community in Ireland, they are a delight to watch and bring to light the need to consider how queer spaces need to be created to care for older people. The jury wished to highlight the great skill of interviewing within the documentary, which created a safe and open space in which the participants could share their stories freely.”

Irish Premiere and Special Mention at Galway Film Fleadh, Special Mention at IndieCork Film Festival, The Richard Harris International Film Festival, Gaze International LGTBQ+ Film Festival, Leeds Queer Film Festival,

Chicago Irish Film Festival, BFI London Flare Film Festival (more tbc)

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